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Product Description

This project supports the implementation of nation-wide programmes to achieve trilingual status by 2022, and aims to create better understanding between the major communities in Sri Lanka. Bhasha Guru provides language learning lessons on web based and android mobile platforms teaching spoken languages, with the emphasis on words and more practical aspects of conversation rather than on writing and reading.

A learner is taken from basics (alphabets, numerals, words etc.) to an intermediary level, increasing vocabulary and teaching sentence formation. These two modules are followed by two more modules and take users to advance and diploma levels.

The complete mobile application introduces doing by learning strategy for the users, where gamification is implied. The knowledge acquired via the app is tested via interactive sessions, so the users can absorb the knowledge in a more cognitive manner.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Bhasha Guru project, which provides Sinhala and Tamil language training via smart phones and web, makes a significant contribution towards the reconciliation process by facilitating communities to learn each other’s languages. Users will be able to progressively learn the languages starting at a basic level and advancing to a Diploma level through work activities and interactive sessions.

This project will be able to address human and technical resource constraints to a considerable degree by providing an easily accessible, user-friendly, self-learning, language training application to interested users.


Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Computerland International (Pvt) Ltd

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