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Dengue Sentinel Site Surveillance


 Product Description

Dengue sentinel site surveillance (DenSys) is a web based dengue alert system. The system collects information on dengue suspected patients and informs the available Medical Officer of Health (MoH), as soon as possible so that preventive action can be expedited.

Fifty-one sentinel sites located throughout the island feeds data into the system daily. This enables the MOH to view information on the dengue patients in his area, the same day and commence preventive action with minimum delay. Epidemiologists can view district level data and they can monitor MOH areas under their purview. Allocation of funds for preventive work can be done efficiently. Graphs can be generated with this system to compare with previous years at each level. These reports are very useful to detect trend pattern changes and for evaluating preventive action taken.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

Dengue is one of the major public health issues in Sri Lanka and the number of cases have increased over the last few years Early preventive measures taken at the Medical Officer of Health (MoH) level plays a key role in curbing the spread of the disease. There were gaps in the previous paper based notification system, which took one, or two weeks to inform MoH level officials of reported cases.

DenSys has successfully addressed this gap by expediting the notification process through a web-based system. The system is able to identify among other factors high-risk areas, analyze trends and generate important reports. Jurors recognize that the DenSys system has addressed a timely need in the country to save lives.

Producer          : Epidemiology unit, Ministry of Health

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