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Digital Tourist Information Kiosk (TIK)

Producer : Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, Inteloworks (Pvt) Ltd

Media Format : Broadband/Online

Producer’s Description

Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB) under The Ministry of Economic Development in association with Intelo Networks (Pvt) Ltd has developed Digital Tourist Information Kiosk (TIK) to showcase products, services, and destinations on offer in Sri Lanka to the increasing number of tourists visiting the Country. The easy to use digital TIKs  provide information at the touch of a button. They are located at popular tourism destinations including Sri Lanka Tourist Information Centers, the World Trade Center, Shopping Malls, 5 Star and other selected hotels. The TIKs enable tourists to access reliable information in a timely manner. The database’s current 89 categories can be accessed through thirteen main categories presented as buttons on the touch screen interface. Catering to tourist arrivals from various parts of the world information is provided in ten different languages. Since the system is online information can be updated quickly as and when required. TIKs also have 32” LCD displays for screening documentaries, news and weather updates. The functionality of the system will soon be enhanced to cater to hotel reservations.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Tourism today is fast becoming one of the highest contributors to the Country’s economy. Tourist arrivals currently estimated at 850,000 are expected to reach 2.5mn by 2016. Given this focus the Jury felt that this is a timely intervention which will give an added measure of confidence to the first time visitor to Sri Lanka and serve to ensure that he/ she does not fall prey to unscrupulous touts. The multiple language capability of the system was commended by the Jury given the difficulties faced in finding guides fluent in foreign languages. TIKs also cater to the modern day tourist who prefers not not depend on travel agents to plan their holidays and would like to make changes to travel plans while on the move.
Juror also felt the TIKs had a good business model - “free for user- paid by advertiser”. TIKs provide affordable advertising opportunity to all beneficiaries of tourism. This is possible because digital networks offer the most cost effective means of publishing /updating of information. Jury noted the potential the TIKs had of providing tourist information to visitors to Diplomatic Missions abroad and for advertising the Country’s export products.