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Producer’s Description launched in 2009 is a website dedicated to providing extensive coverage on local sports events both at school and club level. The site is one of its kind and provides text based updates in partnership with Etisalat, one of Sri Lanka’s leading mobile service providers while it also runs full video coverage of some of the more important local sports events. A team of sports enthusiasts work behind the scene keeping the site current and updated with interesting stories and news articles. thepapre now has an audience in excess of 55,000 unique users on Cricket, Rugby, Rowing and Water polo amongst others. A key feature of the site is a vibrant forum that provides a platform for die hard sports fans to discuss issues close to their hearts. This flourishing forum and fan involvement is a hall mark of thepapare.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The word ‘Papare’ is synonymous with the Sri Lankan Sports scene and brings to mind flag waving bands of sports enthusiasts, both young and old alike, gyrating to that very special ‘Papare’ beat. thepapare keeps the spirit of this enthusiasm for sports through its live coverage of sports events and it very lively and exciting forum. Significantly it gives much needed exposure to the school sports scene which often gets submerged in the more important national sports events.

Some of the interesting features of the site include previews, match reports, live streaming, updates, and a specialist’s columns. The narratives are well written and document in-depth analyses, profound features, soul searching interviews and, on occasion bare-faced truths. The latest additions to the site include an ‘international desk’ and ‘podi papare’ ( small papare) a segment directed to the junior fans patronizing the website and Anang-manag (This and That), the site’s gossip column which airs news not always appropriate to be reported, which naturally captures people’s imagination.

With an average of 200,000 hits a month and a daily ballooning facebook membership of over  13,000, thepapare has obviously made its mark amongst sports enthusiasts in Sri Lanka.