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Producer’s Description

Presently, in Sri Lanka there are many web based systems which provide facilities for buying and selling many kinds of products and services. This however is the first time that a website has been developed exclusively with artists in mind. Ceylonartists has been designed after studying some of the best international online market places for works of art and fills a felt need.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The site provides an online market place for Sri Lankan artists to sell their works locally and internationally at competitive prices through a web based system. It facilitates the registration of artists and uploading of digitalized images of the works of art. A customer can purchase works of art by making an online payment, after which the artist will hand over the original work of art to Ceylonartists to be couriered to the customer, after ensuring its conformity to the digitized image against which the original order was placed. Ceylonartists provides a much needed market access to lesser known and younger artists. This site provides them with publicity and the facility to receive comments on their works. The site enables registered artists to set the prices for their works of art on their own and edit item information whenever necessary.  The quality of the digital image is good with colours close to that of the original work. The web interface is simple and user-friendly.