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Kapruka is the largest e-commerce web application in Sri Lanka with an annual revenue running into millions of dollars a year. Its customer base comes largely from the 2.5 million Sri Lankans living overseas who wish to send gifts to their loved ones in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has been on line for the last seven years with thousands of enhancements and a complex 100% web based back end operation to manage over 6500 products and 500+ orders each day.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Kapruka is a major e-commerce web application with extremely profitable annual revenues.  It is largely targeted at Sri Lankans living overseas. Its primary service is gift delivery. The site offers a large variety of gifts including fresh flowers, cakes, jewelry, electronics and restaurant food. Currently they are engaged with more than 30 well established business brands in Sri Lanka. Kapruka uses a GPS vehicle tracking system to optimize on delivery and a web based accounting system with customizations at enterprise level, making transactions easy and user friendly. User interfaces are attractive and designed to capture the online market. It is regularly updated and displays the latest information on products.  The shopping cart concept is simple facilitating use even by the   ‘not very computer literate’.  Attractive item categorization and arrangement adds value to the site. Services have been expanded to include Digital Photos that can be printed for customer use. They claim over 800 million rupees annual turnover and a market share of over 80% of the entire e-commerce business landscape of Sri Lanka. This reflects the most innovative idea among web based business models in Sri Lanka.