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 Product Description

The Automated Finger Print Identification System (AFIS) was developed for the Criminal Records Division (CRD) of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Sri Lanka Police by Theekshana (UCSC University of Colombo) in 2012, under the supervision of ICTA Sri Lanka.

The new software solution has been deployed for approximately one year, and is capable of matching fingerprints in the core database of 2 million prints, with an accuracy of almost 99.9% for Ten Print identifications and 60% for Latent Print matching.

Jurors’ Evaluation:

The AFIS system provides an efficient software solution for fingerprint identification and storage for the Sri Lanka Police. Use of the system does not require significant technical knowledge to operate and also provides an easy “cut and paste” option to transfer manual rolled fingerprint records into the database with ease. The system represents a quantum leap in fingerprint identification when compared to the manual identification system that was previously used by the Police Department.

The AFIS based fingerprint searches are faster, allow searches across larger pools of potential perpetrators and the system assists in marking key identification features of matched prints. The System has the potential to revolutionize crime investigation in Sri Lanka providing a clearer evidence base to solve crimes and apprehend criminals. Additionally, the innovation of tracking emerging trends and patterns of criminal activity and enabling GIS based spatial location of crimes will provide the police with data on “hot spots” and can encourage proactive policing to prevent crimes.

Producer          : Theekshana, The UCSC Company

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