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Producer       : Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Language      : Sinhala / Tamil / English

Product URL :

Producer’s Description

The Android does not support Sinhala or Tamil Unicode or render it by default, but Android users can now conveniently read any Sinhala/Tamil website or web content using the Bhasha SETT Browser which comes with full Unicode rendering support. In addition to providing Sinhala/Tamil native script rendering support, it can also render Sinhala/Tamil content in Latin script, enabling Tamil speaking communities who understand Sinhala, but can't read Sinhala script to read and acquire knowledge of Sinhala content, and vice-versa.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Bhasha SETT Browser is basically a mobile web browser for the Android. It has all the general functionality of a web browser such as bookmarks, history, downloads and tabs. The most important and unique feature is its exclusive capability of rendering and displaying Sinhala/Tamil Unicode web contents. It not only renders the Sinhala/Tamil Unicode web contents in the relevant native script it can also render the contents as transliterated Latin Script. This can be very useful to those who speak the language, be it Tamil or Sinhala but cannot read the text. In fact in Sri Lanka today there are a large number of Tamils who can speak Sinhala although they cannot read the Sinhala Language script. Another interesting feature is the fact that the Bhasha SETT browser has the capability of rendering English, Sinhala and Tamil simultaneously so that the user can conveniently read a web page containing all three scripts.

Bhasha SETT Browser impacts on all Sinhalese & Tamil Android users in Sri Lanka, and with it’s recent introduction in the Hindi Language, in India as well. Although the number of Sinhalese and Tamil Android users may still be limited, it is growing quite rapidly. The 3500+ downloads of SETT Browser within a short space of 7 months reflects its potential.