Two Digits



Product Description

Two Digits is a number puzzle game. The player is provided with 9 different integers less than 100, and the player have to choose two subsets out of them with the same sum in order to win.The game includes 250 levels, with different number sets. There are 9841 different ways to select numbers and  the player needs to devise various methods and exploit patterns throughout the gameplay, increasing his mathematical and thinking abilities. The game also increases the speed of mind calculations.Different sets need different methods in order to win, and the parity (odd or even) of the numbers should also be taken into account.

The game also includes a level generator, providing the game with high replay ability. The level generator includes a slider that can be used to fine tune the range of levels, which also changes the difficulty.The mobile version of the game is a fun way to spend few minutes on-the-go by solving a number puzzles. The game has an overall good impact on its users, especially on small children, as it helps improves their brain abilities.

Jurors Evaluation

Society today heavily rely on devices such as calculators or mobile phones when it comes to arithmetic calculations even to carry out simple arithmetic additions. Adding two digit numbers by mind is a challenging task to many. Two Digits is a simple but elegant game which develops mind calculation power of the player. Underline mathematical algorithm, different levels of difficulty, simple and colorful user interface, availability on all major platforms, and the business model of the product make it well rounded piece of software.

By being a young, paying attention to develop a game that challenges the cognitive skills of the players and stimulates mind calculation power highly recognize by the Jurors.