eswabhimani - eswabhimani

Product Description

Smart Banking solution by PayMedia Private Limited will address the needs of banking and financial institutes in today’s day to day operations by enabling unmanned bank operations. Solution is a self-service kiosk which operates around the clock every day. This solution has all the banking facilities that can be found in a bank branch. The solution has three segments.

 Kiosk Interface: Kiosk Interface is an interactive and convenient user interface which helps users to do day to day banking task by kiosk.

Admin Panel:  Admin panel will be implemented within the institutes’ data center. Panel is implemented with plug and play modules which are user management, location management, terminal management, kiosk monitoring and reports.

Switch: The switch is used to gather the data from the user and to do the necessary switching in order to communicate with the banking core systems.

The solution on client server architecture and the kiosk machine is installed with a stand-alone application (Kiosk Interface).Solution has a six (6) stage release road map. Currently the solution has completed the stages 1 & 2 and moving towards stages 3 & 4. Stages 1 & 2 have been implemented at Sri Lankan largest private financial institutes and one government organization. This includes Sampath Bank PLC, Hatton National Bank PLC, Nations Trust Bank PLC, Lanka Orix Leasing Company PLC and Ceylon Electricity Board. Sampath Bank has transferred around 20-25% of their cash deposit operation to this machine.

Jurors Evaluation

The payment switch integrated with the kiosk provided a customer the next level of banking experience and has been successfully implemented in known institutions. Even though future of banking would be mobile based the solution submitted has proved its potential. Therefore the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves a juror’s distinction award.