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Product Description

Katha is a mobile app available for Android & iOS devices. It allows users to send and receive audio messages when they wish to talk to their friends, get questions answered by experts, and learn new things by following Podcasts. The developers have re-imagined Podcasting & Audio Messaging for the smartphone, to enable a new level of engagement and communication using audio.Katha makes it simple to record a user’s voice and send it to their subscribers, owing to an interface built from the ground-up with audio messaging in mind. Users can subscribe to channels on Katha to receive interesting audio content recorded by media, research, news companies and other interesting users and individuals.

Anyone can create a channel on Katha and get started with finding new audiences and monetizing their content with paid subscribers. Katha offers ways for creators of interesting audio content to be discovered and followed by listeners, much in the same way Twitter allows users to follow each other’s Tweets.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Katha is an app that fits right into today’s mobile world of young people, who use a smartphone for the non-traditional method of communication. It allows log in through Facebook and a mail channel to enable fast access. It has a simple user friendly interface, which encourages easy navigation. It is an audio based social network.