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Product Description

Paradise Run is Sri Lanka’s First Virtual Reality and First-Person Running Game supported on any Android/IOS/Windows devices. The application features stunning new graphics, virtual Reality Experience, scenic new environments, different obstacles/Creatures,  more achievements and “Load and Save” game options.The story presented through the game is that user has stolen a cursed medallion from a mysterious place, and now he or she has to run for the life to escape from the Dark Mist.

Users can test their reflexes as they race down the path along. The app also makes users to search for the correct path, move around to avoid bombs and creatures, collect Diamonds to increase the Score, and see how far and fast they can run!

Jurors’ Evaluation

Virtual reality based game design is still in its infancy in Sri Lanka and in such a context, the introduction of Paradise Run is timely and encouraging. Even though there is still room for improvement, we have decided to recognize the developer’s contribution to the virtual reality based gaming industry in Sri Lanka and believes it deserves a merit award.