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Product Description

“ANDARE fruit Nuts” is Sri Lanka’s first switch and match game. The game targets Sri Lankan mobile users who look for original games developed in Sri Lanka.  The developers have used famous “ANDARE” character as mascot for this game to give it a more Sri Lankan feel. They have also used many other unique Sri Lankan features such as iconic places in the country throughout the game. The game will  include more updates as time goes on and especially in time for the New Year.

In this game, users are asked to switch and match three or more exotic fruit and nuts to fill a fruit basket. The application is free to play, even after the game takes the user through many levels.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The decision to select the gaming app, ‘ANDARE Fruit Nuts’ as a winner is based on two factors. One is the use of the classic Sri Lanka character ‘Andare’ as the game mascot. This gives the app a unique Sri Lankan outlook. It is a good effort to bring back much loved and yet forgotten Sri Lankan characters, such as Andare and introduce them to the young generation today, who are used to playing mobile and video games that have been developed internationally. 

Even though there are several similar games available, there are few that are localized to match the Sri Lankan culture. As players progress through the game, they can visit famous places in the country as part of the adventure. This is the second feature that the jurors’’ found interesting. This award is in recognition of the effort that has been put by developers to create a game that reflects Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle.