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Producer’s Description is an online community that brings together video game enthusiasts and cyber-athletes from across the Island, regardless of borders, race or religion. It was the first to introduce competitive e-Sports to Sri Lanka and is at the forefront of e-Sport in the Country with over 10,000 registered users, and over 1,000 participants attending real life events. The online community features a discussion forum where vibrant debates take place on diverse gaming topics varying from specific games to whether games can be considered art. Gamer.LK plays a major role in the movement to get e-Sports recognized as an official sport in Sri Lanka.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Gamer.LK was born at a time when gamers and cyber-athletes in Sri Lanka were considered to be ‘wasting time’ while internationally gamers and cyber-athletes were being recognized as professional sportsmen. Gamer.LK started off as a simple online discussion forum and owes its existence to a small, but passionate group of video-game enthusiasts. It is today more than a website with online game servers integrated into the site. These servers allow gamers to play action and Real Time Strategy games with thousands of other players. The growing popularity of Gamer.LK is evident from the rapid growth in the number of registered users and connections made to the game servers which exceed 100,000 on any given day.   

Gamer.LK is being continually improved with the addition of new features by a proactive and passionate group of video-game enthusiasts. Some of the new features introduced include media galleries, online game arcades, a comic strip and several new forum sections. Gamer.LK also can be credited for organizing the Country’s first cyber games tournament - Sri Lanka Cyber Games (SLCG) - which is today an annual event and is said to be Sri Lanka's largest e-Sports tournament and gaming festival.  It has established itself as a front runner in this specialized domain of entertainment with its members representing Sri Lanka in international e-Sports tournaments, such as the Cyber Gaming Championship in India, the World Cyber Games tournament in China and the International e-Sports Federation World Championship in Korea. The site is made sustainable by commercial advertising coming in from both local and international clients.

Gamer.LK is a unique website both in terms of its content and the culture that it encourages.