e-Learning and Education

Special Merit Award

Producer :  Square Mobile

Media Format :Mobile Content

Producer’s Description

Word Puzzle is a SMS based word game helps build the players English Language vocabulary. It is simple and needs no installation. Players has to guess the word based on clues provided via SMS. The game has talking the players from basic to complex words. He is given three attempts to get it right. The system maintains a record of the top players so the individual can see how he has performed against the others in that level. This game has been developed on java 1.6 Mchoice Aventura platform and host on Etisalat server installed Apache Tomcat 6 for receiving and sending SMS.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Although a simple game, Word Puzzle is an interesting way in which a person can build his or her vocabulary. A players is more likely to remember a word he learnt in an interactive manner, for instance by following clues, rather than if he merely referred a dictionary. The spirit of competition ensures there
is no boredom and incentivizes the player to go on with the game. The fact that it uses a technology which all young people today are very familiar with is also an added advantage. The popularity of the game is evident from its usage which stands at 450 active uses per month and around 1000 registered
members just 8 months after launch. The sustainability model provided through the mobile service provider to developers on the App Zone ensures its continuity.