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Press Viewer


Product Description

The “Press Viewer” is an Android application, which facilitates newspaper readers with more interesting and informative way of reading, by allowing readers to watch news related videos while reading the newspaper.

 This product contains two components, a mobile application and a web application. The users of the Press Viewer need to install the mobile application on their smartphone and scan the QR code in the newspaper in order to watch the related videos. The publishers of the newspapers can use the web application of the product to maintain and manipulate news related information such as uploading videos links and generate QR codes. Furthermore, the newspaper publishers need to print the generated QR codes with the related news item in the newspaper which allows the user to scan and watch related videos at any time.

Jurors Evaluation

Due to the reduction in sales, most of the newspaper publishes have started news websites online. As per the available statistics, it can be seen that the Youtube has more daily searches than static search engines. Since QR code is a popular shortcut, Press viewer provides a rich and interactive reading experience to those who wants to find out more information evidence of the moment. This would even help publishers to explore new segments existing market.Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a merit Winner in this category