Product Description

Puvath Reader is an Instant News Delivering Platform for Mobiles that supports local language real-time news delivery. Unlike common News Apps where the users need to open the app on their mobiles to read news, Puvath Reader delivers the news directly to the user’s mobiles as soon as the news is reported.

Even though online media reports the news immediately and makes them easily accessible, the news isn’t reaching the people as they reported. News reached whenever a user visits the news website or opens the news app, not actually when they are reported as there’s no way to deliver the online news directly to users. (Only existing way is SMS News Alerts, but that cannot send the news in local languages)Puvath Reader provides a solution for this problem as it delivers news directly to users’ mobile devices as soon as the news is reported. It supports device-independent local language support, so it’s capable of delivering real-time news in Sinhala/Tamil also using a cutting-edge way of notifying people, “Push Notifications”.

In addition to delivering news in real-time, Puvath Reader also has the common features of a news app like aggregating local news from several news providers, listing news in categories, presenting news beautifully along with images, videos  and more.Puvath Reader also allows users to post their likes  and comments on news enabling them to discuss about the news than just reading the news.

Jurors Evaluation

Push notification service revolutionized the mobile data services. As a result, even news agencies started distributing real time news as a short message to the subscribers. The unique feature of the ‘Puwath Reader’ is that it delivers real time news directly to users in local languages. It has a very clean and simple UI with some common features such as aggregating news from media institutions, listing in categories and presenting with images & videos. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a Winner in this category.