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Kavum Kokis



Product Description

Kavum Kokis is an online portal exclusively dedicated to popularizing traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeats and other sweet delicacies. It keeps focusing on preserving and passing the taste and knowledge of traditional Sri Lankan sweetmeat culture to the next generation. Merging with global and local electronic/ mobile Infrastructure, it offers a range of purchasing options for local retail and corporate customers, expatriate as well as foreigners who are longing for Sri Lankan sweetmeats. Experimenting with innovative and environmental friendly packaging and delivery options Kavum Kokis offers ready-to-serve products as well as do-it-yourself products. This effort is supplemented with the e-Content   Kavum Kokis maintains which consists of traditional knowledge and recipes to prepare Sri Lankan cultural sweet varieties in the original culinary methods with natural ingredients.

Without limiting to local market, Kavum Kokis tries to overcome current e-Commerce challenges Sri Lankan small/micro entrepreneurs (SME) face with innovative IT solutions.  As a result, the business portal was able to offer a Software as a Service (SaaS) plan to fellow small and micro entrepreneurs who finds it difficult to be in par with current e-Business trends due to lack of technological know-how.

Jurors Evaluation

There is no other better way to understand ones culture other than through a nations’ food. Sri Lanka’s sweetmeats are also the same. This site uses e-commerce to enable local and foreign individuals to taste Sri Lanka’s sweetmeats whilst providing valuable information on preparation and ingredients. Further the use of the website to preserve the knowledge and providing a livelihood for small number of people who have the actual experience and skill to make these traditional sweet meats would preserve these skills for some more period of time before they become extinct.