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Special Merit Award

Producer :S'Hela Int' Creative Solutions & Provincial Health  Department, Sabaragamuwa

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The SHIMS manages the core back end of the health institutional management process at a provincial level. There are four key modules – Pharmacy Information Management System, Bio Medical Information Management System, General Inventory Information Management System and Human Resource Management System. Three of the four modules have been developed and implemented across the hospitals in the Sabaragamuwa Province. While defining the policy and discipline for management, each of these modules facilitates stock/ resource management within the provincial system. The authorities concerned are also able to view the entire management path of any module in real time.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Provincial Director of Health Services has the responsibility of managing all the state health institution under the authority of provincial government. This includes preventive health facilities as well as curative health institutions, like hospitals. The Office of the Provincial Director of Health Services has to manage the supplies of drugs and equipment, manpower and finances. The Sabaragamuwa Health Institutional Information Management System (SHIMS) seeks to provide the support of information technology to manage the essential services provided to the health institutions while monitoring the resource utilization in the provincial health service.

The system can take on board any number of medical institutions and can be adapted to the particular need of a given province. Moreover it has been designed such that it can be upgraded to run in cloud computing if so desired. Currently the SHIMS has been deployed in 130 medical institutions, including 105 hospitals in the Sabaragamuwa Province.