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Product Description

Financial network analysis is an evaluative method which determines the special behaviors of financial sectors to predict financial crisis and consort to get proper decision regarding the economics. Analysis might be a complicated task due to the complex structures of financial networks. In case of that Lanka Software Foundation introduced KARSHA-Visualizer as software solution for the purpose of analyzing complex financial data which are available on network data format. KASHA-Visualizer is an open source web based network analytical tool for visualizing, analysis and summarize complex financial networks.

As a generic analytical tool, the platform has the capacity to analyse any kind of network and release live instance which are configured for Granger causality data set that appeared to the behavior of major financial sectors within the last decade of financial crisis. As a future enhancement KARSHA-Visualizer can be used as an instance based infrastructure tool for researchers who are doing local financial market analysis also it may allow to public users to get a meaningful idea about the open data. The software implementation and development done by Lanka Software foundation as a collaborative project with the Maryland university research team in US

Juror’s Evaluation

Analyzing complex financial data and presenting it in a graphical, visual format which is comprehensible and able to drive decisions is the main objective of the Karsha application.. Financial decisions are data driven and most often complex and thus limited to those who have deeper technical or computational knowledge. The Karsha app however will enable analysts, researchers and even the public to arrive at data-driven decisions which are meaningful in their projects as well as day to day lives.