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Product Description

In 2013, The Creative eLearning (Pvt) Ltd had an excellent opportunity to play a part in an ambitious project to revamp the higher education system in Sri Lanka. The project was funded by the World Bank as part of its country assistance strategy (CAS). Even though the role played by this organization was very small, their findings have led to a startling discovery that “online training through a Learning Management Systems (LMS) simply didn’t work”.They went on to identify key issues with a LMS and to overcome this. Creative eLearning (Pvt) Ltd built LayUp - a radically new approach to training which combines game dynamics, peer learning and social features to make education fun, easy and engaging. It’s a cloud based, gamified training platform which has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception.

LayUp supports features such as Unified Learning, Inbuilt Gamification , Social Driven, Fully Integrated  and  is available everywhere. What started as a small education startup in 2014, today runs spans four continents across over 12,000 users with over 1M+ USD in signed agreements. Their aim is not just to create a better online education experience, but use LayUp to fundamentally change the way organizations think about and deliver online training across the world.

Jurors’ Evaluation

LayUp is a unique training tool which has incorporated elements such as Gamification, Unified Learning, Inbuilt Social networking, Interoperability with other third party applications and Availability across all mobile platforms. Grounded in the theory that ‘Learning Management Systems’, as it does not provide the required behavioral changes in users, LayUp has created a learning system which places the learner at the center of his/her own learning whilst making the process simple, fun, interactive and engaging. A key differentiator in the product is that it is well aligned with the objectives and goals of the organization as well as its culture thus creating higher levels of brand affinity amongst the users. Fostering communication and collaboration amongst the users is another deliverable of this product, which will lead to a more cohesive work environment amongst employees. Training for skills required in the organization and measuring the impact will lead to the product gaining higher levels of appeal in the world of learning.