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e-Sign Reader

Product Description

This project supports the implementation of nation-wide programs to achieve trilingual status and envisions creating a better understanding and reading development for deaf communities in Sri Lanka in Sinhala, Tamil & Buddhism. e-Sign Reader provides sign language learning lessons on web based and android mobile platforms teaching sign languages, with the emphasis on words, photos, videos and more practical aspects of conversation rather than focusing solely on writing and reading.

A learner is taken from basics (alphabets, numerals, words etc.) to an intermediary level with Sign Language medium, increasing vocabulary and teaching sentence formation. These two modules are followed by two more modules and take users to primary and secondary level.The complete mobile application introduces doing by learning strategy for the users, where gamification is implied. The knowledge acquired via the app is tested via interactive sessions, so the users can absorb the knowledge in a more cognitive manner.

Jurors’ Evaluation

e-Sign Reader is a socially responsible solution aimed at empowering the hearing impaired student and adult population in the country by providing easy access to learning materials, which are in line with the national syllabus as well as required for day to day living. It is a user friendly platform with many exercises which relate to practical knowledge acquisition and construction. The inadequate number of teachers who are conversant with sign language is also addressed through this application, making it possible for a higher number of students to gain access to learning which has hitherto been limited. Availability of the mobile app will increase the number of users who currently do not have access to computers and the offline option, which can be installed in schools and learning centers, will further increase the reach of the offering. The comprehensiveness of the content, along with the different stages of learning in an interactive manner, makes e-Sign Reader a holistic offering with potential to uplift special needs education in Sri Lanka and the lives of many.

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