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Product Description

The Examiner app is huge step forward away the conventional education teaching methods. This app is meant to help the students in Sri Lanka, who are sitting for the Advanced Level examinations, to increase their capacity of answering M.C.Q questions.

 In G.C.E A/L examination 50% of marks are allocated for M.C.Q questions which are tacky .However, Examiner includes questions from various model papers collected from renowned lectures, as well as past papers, which students have at their disposal.   The App also includes model answers which students can read and comprehend even while travelling. The Examiner also includes a new concept called ‘challenge papers’, where a student gets a randomly generated paper from our server to answer. This exercise is very stimulating since it makes the process an addictive learning environment for students. We hope to extend this concept to a point where a student can challenge another student with the paper he created. This will create a competitive environment among users of the application.  The app is free and anyone in Sri Lanka can download and make use of it.

Jurors’ Evaluation

The Examiner mobile app, which provides A/L students the option of revising past examination papers in a novel manner, attempts to revolutionize the concept of revision amongst students. This self-learning revision tool has a bank of past papers covering three streams in all three languages. The ability of students to access these MCQ papers via a mobile application increases the number of instances they can practice answering papers in a more engaging and impactful manner. Since students are able to access the app even while they are on the go it will result in more productive usage of students’ time, which is invariably a limited resource.

The ability of lecturers to add model examination papers makes the app current and increases its relevance to the students. Incorporating gamification, where students are able to challenge their own scores, makes learning more interesting and also fun. The Examiner app has the potential to be a game changer in the arena of student revision.

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