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Product Description

Ms.USE is a IoT based mobile solution for women violence, abuse and harassment prevention through a wearable device, that gives women and children the opportunity to call for help in just a split second from guardian or community of people who are ready to act against such incidents.The product comprises of three parts, such as the wearable ring, the AR geo-tagging for victims’ location identification and the remote evidence storage system. The ring would be connected via Bluetooth to the mobile phone and in an emergency; a woman would be able to call for help by just simply applying pressure on a certain part of the ring for a certain amount of time. A short press would send a message to the community, while a long press would enable the voice recording.

The party which offers help can (police officers) identify the location of the victim using the Augmented Reality application. By focusing the camera nearby the co-ordinates it will indicate the location where the victim finally triggered the ring with an AR ping.The voice recordings taken at the time of the incident would be uploaded to the remote evidence storage within small time stamps. These would act as evidences especially during sexual and bribery cases.

Jurors’ Evaluation

Wearable technology is a key category in the Internet of Things. The submission consisted of a complete solution, which integrated a device (hardware) and software solution, exploiting the connectivity options offered through mobile technology. Therefore, the jurors were of the view that the submission deserves to be awarded as a Special Merit in this category

Producer  : SAS NINJA LABS 

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