Winners 2017




 Product Description

Kanchayuda is a SriLankan Action Game built by Arimac and it is Sri Lanka’s first ever 3D video game. Arimac Lanka - a Sri Lankan tech company specialising in design, branding, 3D, VFX and Game development. Arimac spotted a gap in the Sri Lankan gaming market and released Kanchayuda on 13th December 2016. Kanchayudha initiated as a concept combat fighting game including the ancient giants of Sri Lanka. The user plays the role of a Sri Lankan Warrior called Badhra who faced difficult chapters in his life prior the events of the game. The player can explore, solve puzzles, sneak or fight hand in hand in order to reveal the stories of his past as well as the upcoming challenges. The storyline is about how Badhra seeks revenge for his parent’s murders. It is available to download of PC.

Selected concept sketches were modeled from scratch using latest 3D modeling techniques. Characters, Buildings, Animals and other props have been designed and sculpted from scratch. Even the environment has been designed from scratch including the terrain, foliage (trees, bushes and grass) using the knowledge acquired prior the design stage of the game. The environment was then designed according to assumptions how the ancient Sri lanka would have been.

The story is purely fictional including the characters in it. The music of the game was composed purely by Sri Lankans and also the dialogues and other sound effects.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Kanchayuda is a well thought out digital content which fits the category very well. With a very experienced team consisting of technology enthusiasts, digital media gurus and game developers. The team has worked hard to build some strong traction with downloads and social media presence. Being Sri Lanka’s first 3D action role playing game, it is built using up to date technology. The front end user experience deserves credit although there are some room for improvement. The storyline connects well with the audience. Overall, it’s a good application that promotes technology development within the entertainment industry that can deliver a highly competitive product in the local market with a potential expansion into the international markets. It captures the audience and does what it says on the tin.

Producer          : Arimac Lanka (Pvt) Ltd