Winners 2017

Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak



 Product Description

Kotiyak Vatina Adahasak (KVA) is Sri Lanka’s first ever tech innovation and entrepreneurship based reality television show. As the name depicts it is a show on TV however was given a highest drive through digital entertainment channels using its own channel and related social media. KVA’s focus is to inspire innovative ideas with the power of technology for a better tomorrow. Mobitel together with Sirasa TV launched this program in 2016 as a multi-season series.

During the program contestants compete against each other in the process of transforming their innovative ideas into viable products/services and potentially into successful business startups where these contestants commence their entrepreneurship journey.

Program consists of several stages, where each stage is evaluated by a panel of judges. The overall show highlights how emerging entrepreneurs apply, get chosen, brainstorm, design, code, develop, pivot, mentoring, evaluation and finally, the big pitch.

Even though this is a television show, it was mainly driven through the related digital channels, youtube, facebook, twitter and the webpage.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Sri Lanka has gained a lot of momentum in terms of technological innovation and a lot of innovators have come up with brilliant technological solutions in order to solve problems faced by Sri Lankans. Yet, the people who are involved with such projects often give up on their dreams due to various constraints. By considering this fact, KVA make a resource and showcase platform with the vision to help out individuals who have an idea and convert that into something worth millions.

As a contestant of this reality show an individual gets a huge opportunity to be exposed to industry experts, academics, practitioners, entrepreneurs etc. This is an opportunity for the contestants to sharpen their knowledge on building businesses and excel in it. In addition as the contestant is a part of a TV reality show, his/her/their amazing innovations will be seen and admired by the country as a whole.

Producer          : Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd and Sirasa TV