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 Product Description is a platform that bridges the gap between the jobseekers and the employers. Xpressjobs is an online job portal available at It is also available on android, google play store and on Facebook.

This application is used by both job seekers and recruits. Xpressjobs offers a filtering system and reduces the hassle of large number of applications shortlisting. That is handled by Xpress jobs and the recruits were provided with a minimal number of targeted applicants for review.

Job fairs are conducted at various locations and the first job fair was held inside a temple on the 20th of August in 2016. It is not only an introduction but a walk-in interview that primarily aims at blue-collar workers.

When the statistics were considered 14,211 jobs were posted online and 235,880 job applications has gone through to employers. is categorized as one of the top 15 startups in Sri Lanka by


Jurors’ Evaluation offers a suite of tools and services that goes around to help recruiters hire the best candidates with the least amount of effort. It filters out the best candidates out of applications through question and answer sessions same as a normal interview process. Location based advertising is one of services which helps to find candidates without spending so much time on web space. Apart from effectiveness of the application, candidates in are not required to have a CV to apply for jobs and this is a very good mechanism to recruit un-skilled workers.

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