Winners 2017

Good Market



 Product Description

Good Market is a platform for people who are creating a better world. It includes non-profits that are trying to become self-financing, self-identified social enterprises, and responsible businesses that are trying to expand their social and environmental impact. It is brought to light by an amazing community of vendors, partners, and supporters. When it comes to vendors, each vendor goes through an application and review process to ensure they meet the minimum standards of Good Market and are good for the people as well as the planet.

The minimum standards, the application form, the algorithm that calculates a vendor's level, and the crowd sourced monitoring system were developed, tested and the reviewed with more than 1,000 applications across all sectors. Approved vendors use the Good Market platform to launch start-ups, expand established enterprises, and connect with consumers, new business opportunities, like-minded enterprises, financial institutions, and service providers.

The online community platform ( has developed to expand this approach within and beyond Sri Lanka. Good Market mainly focuses on curation and connection.


Jurors’ Evaluation

Good Market is an effective platform for rural entrepreneurs and producer groups with no other online presence, startups and also for the volunteer-driven social and environmental service organizations to connect with their target market. Many rural vendors do not have access to a computer, but do have access to a smart phone. The site has a mobile-friendly design and switches easily between regional languages to make it accessible to as many users as possible. If an applicant does not have access to a phone, a volunteer or community partner sits with them to help fill the application and it clearly opens up a door to connect with people for good.

Even though the concept is pretty simple, the impact it has on the society is quite positively revolutionary. All participating vendors in the platform have to be doing something good for people and for the planet and that is what this all about. Good Market makes it easier for like-minded people to connect across sectors. These cross-sector connections help catalyze the emergence of a new economy along with good social causes and that is what that has led this product to win this category.

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