Winners 2017




 Product Description

This product is designed to reduce the ecological impact of a small-scale fisheries industry in Sri Lanka by using GPS enable mobile-based electronic data book which automatically gathers all the vessel route details and the catch details. The data recording is done throughout the voyage and the data transferring to the central data location is done within the GSM range. This mobile application allows the fishermen to mark their catches by catch type and other information such as catch locations, date, time and accelerations are retrieved automatically and saved into a local database without any interaction of the fisherman. This product consists with a standalone navigation application which is very useful for fishermen to find their catch locations.

Further, this mobile application aims to provide researchers with data on the habitat interactions of blue swimming crab fishing gear. As a part of the project to improve the biological and ecological status of the blue swimming crab fishery includes not setting fishing gears on marine habitats to maintain the status of the fishery at a level consistent with a sustainably managed fishery.


Jurors’ Evaluation

This product seems to be user friendly and the pilot run has gained good results. It is a common concern that many fishing fields are getting affected by either uncontrolled over fishing or usage of inappropriate fishing gear. This product could provide the fishermen more accurate information about their catch at each location and the changes in the harvest. It could help fishing communities to plan the fishing activities while preserving the environment.

Although currently it is used for Blue Swimming Crab fishing, Jurors felt that it could be adopted to many other fishing activities and could be used as a navigation tool in open waters so that local fishermen do not cross to the Sri Lankan territory. Thus, jury decided that this product is worthy of recognition at e-Swabhimani Awards.

Producer          : L K Simulations (Pvt) Ltd & Pelagikos (Pvt) Ltd