Winners 2017




 Product Description

IgniterSpace is a Makerspace for children with a mission to foster innovation & creativity in youth and children around the world. It focuses more on the passion, creativity, skills and learnability aspects of education rather than just the theoretical knowledge. The goal of IgniterSpace is to change the behavior and thinking of the future generations to make them more creative and innovation savvy.

Through IgniterFoundation, which is the non-profit arm, IgniterSpace provides creative education to children who do not benefit from their flagship programs free of charge. Foundation operates with the mandate that for every two students that enroll in the flagship programs will open an opportunity for one student to receive creative education free of charge.

IgniterSpace has recently launched 2 other related products which are Home Makerspace Subscription for children who have no access to a physical Makerspace environment and School Makerspace in Box for helping institutes to set up and operate their own makerspace through a franchising model.


Jurors’ Evaluation

IgniterSpace kind of makerspaces can have a significant impact on children’s learning and development. Makerspace learning can also empower them, helping them to shift from being passive consumers of information and products to active creators and innovators. The innovation packs that are delivered provides a great opportunity for those who cannot attend IgniterSpace. The country needs a next generation of creators and innovators and IgniterSpace provides the environment and facilitates the pathway by opening up centers at different locations of the country.

Producer          : IgniterSpace (Pvt) Ltd