Winners 2017

ScioCardio System



 Product Description

ScioCardio ECG transmitter is an energy efficient, battery powered wearable device, capable of continuously capturing a body surface ECG from the patient, storing and transmitting the data to a system wirelessly. ECG signals are captured from the conventional solid gel electrodes worn on the body using a 3 lead ECG system. Raw ECG data is stored and transmitted wirelessly to a mobile phone having the ScioCardio mobile app (Android OS). ScioCardio mobile app allows visualization of ECG signal on the mobile phone. Furthermore the app is capable of uploading the data to a server based remote monitoring system. There the ScioCardio Web App can be used in a remotely for a variety of applications such as ECG monitoring, heart rate monitoring, arrhythmia analysis and beat annotations.

ScioCardio ECG transmitter also captures patient’s motion data from an IMU sensor providing information about the patient’s activities which can also be used in above mentioned analysis and interpretations.

When a patient undergoes a conventional ECG recording where the recording is done for about 1-5mins, there is a high chance of the abnormality being not occurred during this time periods as most of the early stage irregular beats are random. Furthermore in a conventional ECG the patient is confined in to a stationary setup and sometimes the irregular beats may occur when the patient is engaging in physical activity. This gives rise to expensive tests like exercise ECGs.

The Sciocardio device and the app can be proposed as a solution to overcome these barriers as it facilitate continuous ECG recording up to one month. Furthermore the server based web app facilitates historic data visualization and annotation. So that the cardiologist can access ECG data in later time and identify the abnormalities in the patient’s rhythm.


Jurors’ Evaluation

At present, in Sri Lanka, there is no mechanism available to remotely monitor a cardiac patient – an activity that can immensely help both patients and the doctors (or caregivers). The product attempts to fill this important void in medical care. In a context where the cardiology services in the country are restricted to geographically few areas due to lack of specialists, this device allows them to provide their services to patients even in distant hospitals.

The use of cloud databases to securely store patient ECG data and the ability to access them from anywhere by centralized medical records is a timely need for the country where the current practice is patients requiring to keep their own records.

The product also facilitates the teaching/learning of ECG through the annotations of ECG waveforms and identification/validation of abnormalities (arrhythmias).

Producer          : SYNERGEN Technology Labs (Pvt) Ltd