Winners 2017

Electronic Document Attestation System (e-DAS)



 Product Description

The Consular Affairs Division of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has re-engineered the whole work process of Document Attestation by implementing the Electronic Document Attestation System (e-DAS). eDAS is a web based service platform that has granted MFA to provide efficient and effective document  attestation service where the general public spend less than fifteen minutes though a single service desk.

eDAS Connects the Document Issuing Authorities (DIA) via “Lanka Government Network” (LGN) and collects the signature information on more dynamic basis. DIAs submits a scanned original document and the identity of the applicant is confirmed by biometric. All the documents that are authenticated will be scanned and uploaded to “Lanka Government Cloud” (LGC). Immediate authentication will be undertaken at the front desk counter and the authentication confirmation printed will be handed over to the applicant while charging fees at the same time - same counter.

The MFA will provide remote authentication; where the authentication confirmation is printed at the DIA and public need not to visit Colombo to get their attestation.

The digital platform of the Consular division is capable of interacting with relevant stakeholders in real-time, thereby drastically reducing the waiting time in the document attestation process. Due to the electronic attestation process, the credibility of attested documents has also increased significantly.


Jurors’ Evaluation

With the newly introduced digital service platform: eDAS, MFA has created number of benefits for overall productivity of the services to the citizens. One of the major benefits included the increased efficiency and lower operational cost and time. With the Online – centralized system, the consular division of MFA now has the capacity to process information faster anytime-anywhere and access them across departments and government organizations. Also, MFA is now capable of retrieving information faster by scanning and digitization of certificates and records. It leads to secured record archival and management securely manage and archive records by ensuring information security. It also facilitates a self-service portal where the citizens can obtain prior appointments in obtaining services from MFA.

eDAS has re-engineered the entire organization and improved the service delivery to the citizens. This is a remarkable achievement the government is committed to guarantee, while the government will work towards digitizing the national economy and achieve sustainable development of the country through the constructive engagement of all government services. Efficiency of the government service ultimately results in development of the national economy. Therefore, re-engineering the government services by implementing mechanisms such as eDAS can create a drastic impact on the national economy.

Producer          : Consular Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs